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How does it work? is a great way to bring free traffic to your 4x4 web page! Visitors come here to find other 4x4 and Off-Road related sites on the web. The higher your site ranks, the more visible it is, and the more hits you'll get. 

Site rank is determined by the number of votes (hits) you send to this site. Special software tracks both hits coming in and going out by using the unique URL that was emailed to you when you first signed up. (Click here for link instructions) The ranking is based on the number of votes for the current month only, although the grand total number of votes is also shown for reference. This keeps it fair for new sites. Also, only one vote per visitor will be recorded every 24 hours. Visitors must knowingly click on the link on your page to vote. No automated or forced voting will be allowed. This is simply to prevent unscrupulous "stuffing" of the "ballot box."

What do the "In" and "Out" columns mean?
"In month" is the number of votes (or hits) your site has sent to Top4x4Sites during the current month. This is the number that determines the rankings.
"Out month" is the number of times people have gone to your site from Top4x4Sites. This does not affect the ranking at all. It simply tells you how much reciprocal traffic your site is getting back.
"In total" and "Out total" are the total number of votes (or hits) your site has recieved since signing up. Again, this is simply for reference and does not affect your rank.

Who can join? What are the requirements?
Only 4x4 related sites are allowed. Examples would be sites about four wheeling, off-road, trails, clubs, etc. Your site can be specific to a certain make or be of a general off-road interest as long as it has 4x4 content. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, Hummer, etc...They're all welcome! To qualify your site must have primarily 4x4 or offroad content. This doesn't mean you have one or two photos of trucks and the rest of your site is lowriders or something. Commercial sites are welcome but they must cater specifically to 4x4's and trucks. This does not include sites selling spark plugs, oil, air filters, driving schools or other such generic stuff. Top4x4Sites is a family friendly site. We do not accept sites that contain nudity, or links to nudity. If you have questions about whether your site qualifies please email before signing up.

How do I join?
Click on "Add Your Site" to your left or at the bottom of any page. Once you fill out the information and hit "submit" you will be given your unique URL and you can start adding the links and/or banners to your site. Your listing will not show up until you send at least one hit from your site. Please allow 1 hour after you send your first hit for your site to appear on the Top4x4Sites list.

How do I link?
The linking code is very specific and needs to be copied exactly in order to track your votes. Click here for linking instructions. The rules for linking are that you must make it obvious that your visitors are clicking the link to vote for your site. Tricking them into clicking is against the rules and will get your site suspended. Acceptable links include any of the supplied banners or buttons or text links like "Click here to vote for this site!" or "Vote for us at Top4x4Sites" or similar. A text link using just "" is also acceptable.

Why doesn't my site show up?
First, double check your link code. Use the code exactly as it was emailed to you upon sign up. If you are copying the link code from the linking instructions page make sure you replace "username" with the username you signed up with. The statistics are updated once every hour, so your clicks won't show up immediately. Also, only one vote is registered per visitor every 24 hours to avoid artificially inflating the numbers.
Remember that only the top 250 sites show up on the list. If you're sure your link code is correct and you still aren't on the list it may be that you haven't had enough votes to be in the top 250.

I feel like cheating. Can I?
Uhmmm...sorry, but NO! This really should go without saying, but NO CHEATING! If any member is caught cheating in any way their account will be suspended immediately and with no questions asked. This includes all automated or forced linking where votes are cast or a pop-up is created without your visitor's specific and active permission. Visitors must knowingly click on the link from your site and you must make it obvious that they are clicking the link to vote for your site. (using one of the supplied graphics is fine even though some do not specifically state "vote for this site") All voting must be done from the site being voted for. You may not have other sites help you gain votes. You (or your site members) may not post on other sites or forums asking them to vote. No blind or invisible links allowed. You may not offer your visitors any kind of outside incentive to vote, such as asking them to vote as part of a contest to win prizes. Also, no email spamming allowed. Mass emailing to people you don't know is spam, is illegal, and will get you kicked off the list. If you see a site who you think is cheating please email me.

I lost my password!
Tough! :) Just joking! Simply click here and enter the email address you signed up with. Your password will be emailed to that address.

This is a stupid FAQ! It doesn't answer my question!
Easy there! :) If you have questions that aren't answered by this page simply send me an email and I'll respond as fast as I can.


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